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Posted by Lynn D'Avolio on 8/22/2017

During summer, it's hard to find a spot in the United States that doesn't experience hot temperatures. Buy a house out West or in the Southern Delta, areas that have seen a share of hot and humid weather, and it may get so hot inside your house that you dream about fleeing your home.

Summer burdens local utility company cooling systems

Hot temperatures can also make you feel fearful about stepping outside. This is a time when utility companies get stretched. To deal with the demand that people put on their systems, utility company leaders may increase service rates.

It helps to encourage people to find other ways to cool their homes during summer. Another thing that an increase in utility rates does is to lower the demand on utility cooling and energy systems.

You could do the same right inside your home. As this choice does for large utility companies, it can also reduce the amount of drain that you put on cooling systems. This, in turn, reduces your utility bill.

The number one way to reduce the costs of cooling your house is to shut off your air conditioner and fans. But, this alternative isn't sensible, especially on particularly hot days and nights. You could get sick if you stayed in an excessively hot house.

Check out these ways to cool your home naturally

Fortunately, there are natural ways to cool your home, which returns to the first way to cool your house naturally. Instead of turning off cooling systems at your house all day and night, shut the systems off while you are away from home for three or more consecutive hours.

For example, you could turn off your central air conditioner and your ceiling and floor fans when you head outside to work. Another option is to turn your air conditioner up to seventy degrees and, again, turning off all fans.

Additional ways to cool your home naturally include:

  • Planting trees near windows but far enough away from your house to keep the trees from serving as hiding places for potential intruders
  • Watering lawns after the sun has gone down - a cooler earth around your house could help temperatures inside your home to feel cooler
  • Taking a cool shower or bath before retiring to bed
  • Exercising at a gym to take advantage of public cooling systems
  • Drinking ice cold water
  • Not wearing layered clothing during hot weather
  • Opening locked, screened windows (close windows on the floor that you are not on)
  • Shutting doors to rooms that you don't use often
  • Spending more time in your finished basement when it's hot outside

Cooler house doesn't have to lead to an outrageous utility bill

Keeping your house cool during the heat of summer can present interesting challenges. It can also cause your utility bill to spike. Natural ways to cool your home can reduce cooling challenges and yield you lower utility bills.

Trees and bushes outside your home, especially those near your windows, serve as natural cooling agents. Another way to cool your house naturally is to take advantage of lower temperatures that envelope cities during the wee hours of the morning and late at night.