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Posted by Lynn D'Avolio on 3/28/2017

A place to watch major sporting events like the Super Bowl, NBA championships and soccer championships are a few instances when you might wish that you had better entertainment options right at home. Summer, graduations, holidays and birthdays are other occasions when it is great to have awesome home entertainment options.

You should have more fun at home

Better home entertainment can also reduce the amount of money that you spend on external entertainment like concert tickets, theater tickets and the cost of renting event halls. A path to better home entertainment is to finish your basement.

Add insulation and paneling to walls. Another option is to paint brick or cement basement walls. Instead of carpeting your basement floors, consider installing hardwood or linoleum floors. Hardwood and linoleum floors hold up better when wet.

They also are harder to hide dirt in. Young children can play freely without you worrying that they will stain newly laid carpet. Your basement walls should be tall and wide enough to install a large wide screen television in.

Surround the television with a sofa, plenty of chairs and a game console, especially if you have teenagers in your family. An iPod, surround sound speakers and a popcorn machine help to turn a finished basement into a fun space.

Other fun products that lead to better home entertainment include a pool table,children’s riding toys and a small home gym. If your family loves to play cards, you could get a card table and four chairs from a department or home goods store.

More ways to better home entertainment

The second option to better home entertainment is to turn your back porch into a gathering spot. For example, you could enclose your back porch in a screen or glass covering. Both of these options let you and your guests enjoy outdoor views.

Instead of putting a television on the back porch, you could bring a radio or an old phonograph onto the porch and enjoy playing your favorite music, the type of music that you may not listen to everyday. Opera, classical jazz and old rhythm and blues come to mind. Books are another great addition for a back porch entertainment area.

A third way to better home entertainment is to turn your back yard into a great outdoor event location. Plant annuals, the kind that grow two to three feet tall, around a seating area. If you have a back yard patio, plant flowers at the sides of the patio.

This adds an inviting décor to the outdoor entertainment area. Little beats an outdoor grill. During spring and summer, even early autumn, you can get lots of use out of a grill. Opt for sturdy outdoor patio furniture, at least a sofa and two chairs, and you could enjoy spending time on your patio or back yard garden area nearly year round.

Although you could use extension cords to listen to music on a radio or stereo, you could also soak in natural sounds while entertaining outdoors. It’s a good way to encourage robust conversations among guests. Balloons, signs and standing poster boards are great at highlighting special events like graduation and birthday celebrations. In time, your family and friends may come to view this spot as a premium entertainment venue. Top it off with great home cooking and your home entertainment spot may become exceptionally hard to beat.

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