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Posted by Lynn D'Avolio on 8/1/2017

Watching a once thriving neighborhood decline is one of the hardest things to witness. It makes it hard to look outside your window. It's not easy to take in the sight of dilapidating houses, tall grass and weeds that are starting to over run the sidewalks. That may be one of the worst views to digest.

Are any of these sights keeping you from looking outside?

Sight of a declining neighborhood raises strong emotions. It surfaces happy memories that you experienced when you first saw your house. The memories serve as a sharp contrast to what you're feeling as you look outside your window now and what you felt when you first moved in.

As bad as it sounds, there are other home views that people hate. Ten home views that people hate, the very views that could be forcing you to avoid looking outside include:

  1. Less than a quarter mile from your house is a garbage dump. To avoid thinking about the health dangers that could be lurking at the garbage dump site, you keep your window treatments closed. That or you avoid looking outside one or more of your house windows.
  2. Dead trees signal change. If you've come to love the trees, the last thing that you might want to do is cut the trees down. So, you turn away from looking outside.
  3. Boarded buildings are dull. If boarding buildings have been in the neighborhood for several months, it could be a sign that local government officials don't value where you live.
  4. Pet parks that aren't well maintained are nothing to write home about. Piles of dog feces may turn your stomach when you look outside.
  5. Storm damage is another reason why you might want to look outside your window. Sight of flattened houses across the street and in the surrounding area, fallen trees and debris are not easy to look at day after day.
  6. Construction not only brings views of cement trucks, drywall and metal railings, let construction take place near where you live and you'll have to listen to banging, sawing and other loud construction sounds.
  7. Gas stations seem innocent when they are miles away from your home. When gas stations are right across the street from your house, they can become eyesores.
  8. Schools are signs of learning. They do good work in the world. They also bring rows of school buses and cars near your house. Live close to a school and you may have to limit your driving speed to 15 miles per hour while school is in session.
  9. Vacant lots are among the views that people hate to look outside their house windows and see.
  10. Chemical plants are not only unattractive. They push harmful chemicals into the atmosphere.

You deserve to feel good when you look outside your house windows. The views should be attractive and satisfying. They certainly shouldn't force you to turn away from the window when you enter certain rooms of your home. They also shouldn't force you to keep window treatments closed.

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